Flash Gordon

Our planet is under attack! The Moon has been dislodged from its orbit and is now hurtling towards Earth. In ten days, the world's biggest explosion is inevitable. Behind the act is Emperor Ming, the space ruler who destroys planets at the same rate as the rest of us change underwear. But don't panic... Flash Gordon is on the way! Sam J. Jones is Flash Gordon, and Max von Sydow delivers one of his most unforgettable roles in this epic film, based on the series by Alex Raymond that inspired George Lucas to create Star Wars. In its delightfully twisted comic book style and liberated from the pretentious seriousness that weighs down today's superhero adventures, this has become a cult film that fans around the world watch over and over again. Restored in 4k!
Meatball Machine Kodoku
Moon 44
Sky Sharks
Psycho Goreman
Mad God
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