Moon 44
Moon 44
1h 39m 18sAction, Sci-fi



Age rating

A corporate agent who plays by his own set of rules must ensure that a group of pilots, all recruited from the prison system due to an acute personnel shortage, collaborates with the tech experts handling navigation systems for the helicopters protecting an isolated mining outpost. In the near future of 2038, Earth's resources have depleted, and humanity has ventured into space. Wars are waged over celestial bodies with valuable assets by the multinational corporations in power. One battleground is Moon 44 in the outer zone. Agent Felix Stone arrives here to investigate the disappearance of expensive equipment owned by Galactic Mining under mysterious circumstances. What he discovers at the mining base turns out to be a larger web of corruption, violence, and abuse than anyone could have imagined. "Moon 44" is the last film blockbuster maestro Roland Emmerich directed in Germany before making his way to Hollywood and achieving success with films like "Universal Soldier," "Stargate," "Independence Day," "The Day After Tomorrow," and "2012."
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