The Fog

JOHN CARPENTER'S HORROR CLASSIC – DIGITALLY RESTORED! In the small coastal town of Antonio Bay, they are preparing for their 100th-anniversary celebration. At midnight, the town is enveloped by a foreboding fog, concealing an unsettling surprise from the past. Exactly one hundred years ago, a ship wrecked here after being lured onto the rocks by evil men seeking the boat's gold cargo. Everyone on board drowned. Now, their vengeful spirits return, armed with sharpened swords, knives, and boat hooks, seeking a bloody revenge... THE FOG was John Carpenter's first film after his breakthrough with Halloween two years earlier. Once again, he chose Jamie Lee Curtis for the lead role, playing against her mother, Janet Leigh, forever remembered from the shower scene in Hitchcock's Psycho. The film is now released in its best version, digitally restored in 4K with superior audio and visual quality.
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