1h 25m 9sThriller, Horror
Out in the American Southwest desert, the distances between roads can be so long that it feels like the farther you go, the more the distance to the destination increases. In this no man's land, on an unnumbered highway, we find five companions who have accidentally wandered into a twilight zone of cacti, desert riders, and pure damn evil. On the radio, the disc jockey dedicates songs to these lost souls who have no exit in sight... Behind the five episodes - "The Way Out," "Siren," "The Accident," "Jailbreak," and "The Way In" - are the creators of The Signal and the V/H/S series. With nice nods to both Twilight Zone and Creepshow, they have managed to create a hellish tale bubbling with humor, suspense, and blood, earning cheers from critics!
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