1h 20m 38sComedy, Horror



Age rating

När radioaktiva muterade dolksvansar invaderar kuststaden Mendocino är det upp till stadens mobbade misfits att rädda situationen. Beväpnade endast med sin intelligens, djävlaranamma och ett och annat trick från supervetenskapens gömmor måste de stoppa de blodtörstiga leddjuren innan de nått sin slutgiltiga form som hotar att krossa hela stan! When radioactive mutated dagger-tails invade the coastal town of Mendocino, it's up to the town's bullied misfits to save the day. Armed only with their intelligence, sheer determination, and a few tricks from the hidden vaults of super-science, they must stop the bloodthirsty arthropods before they reach their ultimate form, threatening to crush the entire town! Debut director Pierce Berolzheimer has crafted a film that serves as a love letter to everything from 1950s radioactive monsters to the golden era of horror comedies in the 1980s and effects-laden TV shows like Ultraman and Power Rangers. Practical effects and copious amounts of gore meet deliberately cheesy CGI in a film that will delight horror fans with laughs and nods to the genre.
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