Final Cut

An experienced film crew is struggling to complete a gory horror movie in a closed military facility. When their shoot is disrupted by a real zombie attack, the determined director's unwavering instruction is: Keep the camera rolling! Director Michel Hazanavicius returns with a splattery, insane meta- and meta-meta-packed remake of Shinichiro Ueda's cult hit "One Cut of the Dead" (released by Njutafilms on streaming and DVD in 2019). "Final Cut" elicited many laughs and spontaneous applause from the glammed-up premiere audience at Cannes, where the film opened the entire festival. We hope the Swedish audience will also enjoy and laugh at the exploits of this mismatched film crew in their quest for the perfect shot. Hazanavicius has a long track record of successful comedies. The films about OSS 117 agent Hubert Bonisseur de La Bath, starring Jean Dujardin, paved the way for "The Artist," which won the Academy Award for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor, Costume Design, and Original Score in 2012. In addition, the film won around 158 other awards worldwide and was nominated for countless more. As mentioned earlier, "Final Cut" has many meta-levels. Brace yourselves now! Bérénice Bejo, an Oscar nominee for her role in "The Artist," is indeed married to Hazanavicius in real life. The daughter in the film is portrayed by the couple's real daughter, Simone.
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