Ashley (Anne Heche) struggles with her art and waits for her big breakthrough, even though it can barely pay the rent. To make some extra money, she helps her girlfriend (Alicia Silverstone) serve at a high-society party. By chance, she runs into her old college friend Veronica, whose husband is the center of the party. For Veronica, life has been a bed of roses, and she can't help but point out that Ashley seems to be stuck in the same place as when they last met. This reminder of her past gets to Ashley, and she's reminded of why they stopped being friends. Finally, she can't hold back and delivers a punch to Veronica's jaw. The fight is on! "Catfight" is a dark and hysterically funny film about getting back at each other, again and again. From director Onur Tukel (Summer of Blood) and starring Sandra Oh (Grey's Anatomy, Sideways), Anne Heche (Hung, Psycho), and Alicia Silverstone (Clueless).
The Pizzagate Massacre
The Toxic Avenger
The Toxic Avenger 2
The Toxic Avenger 3: The Last Temptation of Toxie
The Toxic Avenger 4: Citizen Toxie
Black Friday
Attack of the Killer Tomatoes!
Satanic Panic
Meatball Machine Kodoku
One Cut of the Dead
Psycho Goreman
Hulken och Daredevil
Hulken och Thor
Moon 44
The Cannibal Club
Sky Sharks
Final Cut
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