The Cannibal Club

Otavio and Gilda are an affluent couple belonging to the Brazilian elite, who also have the unsettling habit of consuming their employees. Otavio owns a security company and is a notable member of the Cannibal Club. However, when Gilda accidentally reveals a secret about the Cannibal Club's leader, the influential politician Borges, their lives are put in great danger.
Meatball Machine Kodoku
Black Friday
The Toxic Avenger
The Toxic Avenger 2
The Toxic Avenger 3: The Last Temptation of Toxie
The Toxic Avenger 4: Citizen Toxie
Attack of the Killer Tomatoes!
Satanic Panic
Sky Sharks
Final Cut
One Cut of the Dead
Psycho Goreman
The Pizzagate Massacre
Children of the Corn II
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