Flykten från New York
Flykten från New York
1h 39m 8sAction



Age rating

Few films have been as widely imitated as John Carpenter's groundbreaking action classic ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK starring Kurt Russell. The film has long achieved the status of a cult classic and is now celebrating its 40th anniversary – digitally restored with brilliant picture and sound! In a near future, crime rates have skyrocketed, and the entirety of Manhattan has been turned into an escape-proof prison surrounded by towering walls. The rule is simple: If you are locked in here, you will never be released again. But after the President of the United States crash-lands on the island, someone has to enter the deadly area to find him. The mission falls to a new prisoner, ex-soldier Snake Plissken. If he succeeds, he wins his freedom. If he fails, he dies instantly. He has exactly 24 hours..
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