1h 35m 48sAction, Thriller


Mikhail Red



Age rating

A witness transport is subjected to a brutal attack in the Filipino countryside. Police officer Mariano is the only one who survives the riddled cars. Shocked, she realizes that her own colleagues carried out the attack on behalf of corrupt politicians with mafia ties. Severely injured, she ventures into the wilderness to escape. Her situation is not improved by the fact that she is in the same unforgiving region where up to 20,000 prisoners of war died in the infamous Bataan Death March during World War II. Mariano's survival instincts and morals are severely tested during the ordeal that follows. Mikhail Red (Dead Kids) returns with an intense survival and revenge thriller that has been praised equally for its beautiful natural scenery (captured by Red's longtime collaborator Mycko David) and well-choreographed action sequences. It's a powerful story about relentless cycles of violence and abuse that still allows for a glimmer of light.
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