The Rescue
The Rescue
2h 12m 50sAction


Dante Lam



Age rating

THE RESCUE is a dream come true for all disaster movie lovers! While other films in the genre only deal with one emergency, we get to bite our nails at THREE in this movie. THE RESCUE follows a top-tier rescue team. After almost losing their lives on a fire-ravaged oil rig, they leap into action to prevent a mountain disaster caused by an earthquake, after which they are tasked with rescuing passengers aboard a crashed plane on the verge of breaking in half and sinking into the depths. THE RESCUE unleashed a colossal one billion kronor budget and took over five years to complete. Only the best were hired for the production. Action maestro Dante Lam (Operation Red Sea) directed, Oscar-winning John Frazier (Spider-Man, Transformers) led the 450-strong team of special effects experts, Martin Laing (Titanic) supervised the production design, and the cinematography was by Oscar winner Peter Pau (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon).
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