Slumber Party Massacre
Slumber Party Massacre
1h 26m 33sHorror


South Africa

Age rating

A group of friends who have rented a cabin for a relaxed weekend in the countryside must fight for their lives when a lust murderer with a giant drill appears and begins his bloody work. Girls having a pajama party. The isolated house by the lake. A man with a weapon chasing them. Slumber Party Massacre quickly checks off the standard elements of a slasher. However, screenwriter Suzanne Keilly (Leprechaun Returns) and director Danishka Esterhazy (The Banana Splits Movie) know their genre just like the women behind the original from 1982, constantly working to overturn expectations of both the characters and the film. The result is both fun, bloody, and creepy with high recognition value and lots of Easter eggs for fans of the original film series.
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