Children of the Corn II
Children of the Corn II
1h 32m 57sHorror


David Price



Age rating

"Children of the Corn II: The Final Sacrifice" is a horror sequel to the original "Children of the Corn." The story continues to explore the chilling events in Gatlin, Nebraska, where a religious cult of children, led by the charismatic Isaac, massacred all the adults. The film opens with the events that occurred in the first movie, where Gatlin was burned down, and most of the children perished. The town is now a desolate place, but something sinister still lingers. A group of surviving children who escaped the massacre spreads rumors about the evil that still haunts Gatlin. The plot shifts to a nearby town, Hemingford, where a journalist, John Garrett, and his son Danny, move after a tragic divorce. John begins to investigate the history of Gatlin and soon discovers that something very ominous is happening in Hemingford as well. The children in Hemingford are involved in a similar cult that worships the dark force "He Who Walks Behind the Rows." John and Danny try to uncover the secrets surrounding Hemingford and must contend with a new generation of fanatic children. They face the threat of becoming victims of an evil cult determined to sacrifice them to their god. "Children of the Corn II: The Final Sacrifice" is a frightening sequel that delves deeper into the mystery of the children's fanaticism and reexamines themes of evil, faith, and survival.
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