John and the Hole

Young John is a boy who seemingly has it all. The youngest child in a well-off family where everyone cares for each other, he has never lacked attention or material things. Yet, something is missing for him. However, the parents don't notice how an increasingly detached way of living has crept into their son's behavior. The shock is immense the day they wake up to a new reality. Under the cover of darkness, John has deposited his mom, dad, and older sister in a bunker-like structure he found in the woods behind their luxurious villa. As desperation rises among the captive trio, John takes the first steps toward a strange coming-of-age. "John and the Hole" is a psychological thriller that, based on its decidedly odd premise, builds a world with a peculiar nightmare logic. The impressive Charlie Shotwell (Captain Fantastic) takes on the lead role. Jennifer Ehle (Zero Dark Thirty), Michael C. Hall (Dexter), and Taissa Farmiga (The Final Girls) play his tormented family. Making his feature film debut, the artist Pascual Sisto casts a detached eye on his characters, populating environments dominated by muted colors and straight lines, captured in crisp cinematography by Paul Özgür. The screenplay is written and based on a short story by longtime friend and collaborator Nicolás Giacobone, previously awarded an Oscar for Birdman.
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