Road Games

With his dingo as his only companion, truck driver Quid embarks on a 350-mile journey across Australia to deliver meat in Perth. To pass the time, Quid fantasizes about the life stories of other drivers. When he learns that a serial killer has struck along the same route, his attention is drawn to a green van that has appeared in his vicinity a worryingly high number of times. A curious hitchhiker picked up by Quid is also drawn into the game. But isn't it all just figments of the imagination? Surely, they're not actually pursuing a crazed killer? Stacy Keach delivers one of his most beloved performances in this Australian thriller. His fellow passenger is played by Jamie Lee Curtis, who was a hot name after horror hits like Halloween and The Fog. Director Richard Franklin was praised for crafting a thriller that gracefully traveled in Hitchcock's footsteps, making him the natural choice to helm Psycho II two years later.
Sound of Violence
The Boy Behind the Door
The Cured
Circus Kane
Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth
The Cleaning Lady
Random Acts of Violence
Killing Ground
Svart cirkel
Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer Part 2
Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer
John and the Hole
The Beta Test
Ms .45
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