The Beta Test
The Beta Test
1h 33m 7sThriller



Age rating

Hollywood agent Jordan has it all. Drive, success, contacts, and a budding career. To top it all off, he is soon to marry his girlfriend Caroline. However, one day a mysterious purple envelope lands in Jordan's mailbox. An invitation to a meeting beyond his wildest dreams. A little adventure won't hurt before tying the knot, right? The only problem is that the first taste of forbidden fruit tends to ignite a hunger for more. Soon, his whole existence seems to revolve around that purple envelope and who the sender is. Jordan's carefully constructed facade begins to crumble, and as the paranoia grows, the world around him seems increasingly insane. After films like Thunder Road and The Wolf of Snow Hollow, writer, director, and actor Jim Cummings has gained many loyal fans. There are likely to be more after this wildly funny, violent, and dark satire about Hollywood Sapiens and the fact that everything comes with a price, even for climbing careerists. In The Beta Test, the stakes are very high, adding another layer to the film's wild take on prestige, algorithms measuring our lives, and hypocrites in various industries.
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