Ms .45

TOTALLY BANNED IN THEATERS. NOW IN RESTORED AND UNCUT VERSION. The beautiful and deaf-mute Thana becomes an easy target when she walks alone through New York's seedy neighborhoods. Raped and beaten by two men, she manages to make it home, only to be raped again in her apartment. But the next time Thana goes out, she's not alone. She brings her new .45 with her. Not just to protect herself, but also to seek out all the male scum who deserve to die! MS. 45 is perhaps the most violent and shocking rape & revenge film ever made. In 1981, the film was completely banned in Sweden and several other countries and was denounced as violent pornography. Today, the film has been reassessed and praised by both critics and feminists. Controversial director Abel Ferrara (Bad Lieutenant) directed, and Thana is played by musician and model Zoe Lund, who was only 17 when she took on the role.
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